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Empowering Women with Boudoir

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July 19-21st

Susan and Rhea are excited to host the next workshop in Susan’s 3500 square foot studio. It’s the only workshop being held there this year. It’s filled with a wardrobe room, lots of lighting equipment, a natural light room, lots of antique furniture for props! 3 full days of learning and hands-on shooting and critique.

About Rhea Lewis

Rhea Lewis is an internationally award winning photographer, and a PPA Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, and Certified Professional Photographer. In 2018 and 2017 Rhea Lewis was also named TOP 10 Photographer in the state of Florida and earned her Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence from Florida Professional Photographers. She has been in business as a professional photographer for 15 years and owns and operates a successful boutique studio in Jupiter, FL. She is a leader in her profession and has served as President of the local Professional Photographer’s Guild of the Palm Beaches and currently serves on the Board of the Florida Professional Photographers Association. Rhea believes very strongly in continuing education, networking and sharing knowledge in her industry in order to foster the growth of all artists in a community of support and goodwill. She has been a leader and a pioneer in the boudoir photography market and strongly believes in empowering women through boudoir photography. She entered the speaking circuit in 2017 and has travelled throughout the state and beyond. Rhea enjoys mentoring and assisting those new to the photographic industry and in particular those interested in pursuing her specialty of boudoir and luxury women’s portraiture.

About Susan Eckert

Susan Eckert is author of Body & Soul: Lucrative and life changing boudoir photography (a Focal Press/Routledge Publication). As a studio owner, she has operated Long Island Boudoir Photography since 2008. A niche leader in her region, she has steadily grown her business--thriving despite a rising tide of newcomers. Her secret? Leveraging her experience in psychology to develop a unique and winning client-centered approach--one that has resulted in a well-oiled referral engine for her business. Susan is a career-long member of PPA and a member of WPPI and AIBP. Prior to becoming a boudoir photographer, Susan earned a Masters degree in Psychology from Columbia University.

boudoir photography workshop

July 19th-21st

Location: Susan Eckert Studio in Long Island, NY

boudoir photography workshop

Oct 19th-21st

Location: Fabulous Florida Retreat Location- TBD

What You Will Learn

Spend 3 full days delving into the world of fine art boudoir with dual Instructors Susan Eckert and Rhea Lewis, as they walk you through how they have both built highly successful boudoir businesses in New York and Florida. In Rhea’s professionally equipped studio, you’ll learn the entire process from the initial consult to the finished product. From Susan you’ll gain an understanding about the psychology of boudoir photography and how it can have an empowering therapeutic effect on women, and how this translates into a lucrative, loyal and quickly growing client referral base as covered in her book “Body & Soul – Lucrative and Life-Changing Boudoir Photography”.

This is your chance to get serious about building your own version of a successful boudoir business.

boudoir workshop

Day #1

We will cover session planning with idea boards and wardrobe options; walk through hair, makeup and location ideas. At the same time, you’ll explore client handling and empathy strategies, how to customize each client’s session with hard and soft lighting, high key and low key setups, as well as studio and natural light. We will also cover marketing and business building strategies that work, and introduce you to our Guide to a Successful Boudoir Business Workbook.

Day #2

Rhea and Susan will demo with models and then 1/2 day shooting hands-on for portfolio building. After lunch, we’ll go over essential post processing skills for beautiful saleable results. Day 2 homework: edit files for Day 3 critique.

boudoir workshop

Day #3

1/2 day more shooting hands-on with models using what you have learned from Day 2. After lunch we’ll conduct student critiques in a friendly and positive learning environment where all students will receive feedback on their work and areas of improvement.


What You Can Expect

July Workshop Location & Venue

Workshop Location

120 Remington Blvd, Ronkonkoma NY 11779

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