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Empowering Women with Boudoir

Workshop Description & Itinerary

What makes our Workshops different from those you may have taken:

  1. You will be getting the benefit of knowledge from 2 different and successful boudoir business owners with over 30 years of professional photography experience
  2. We take a holistic approach to building your boudoir business, starting with understanding your “why”
  3. We will help focus you on how to integrate your life with your business
  4. We are invested in your success and will be offering COMPLIMENTARY PRIVATE MENTOR CALLS to get to know you and get you started BEFORE the workshop (up to 30 minutes) and AFTER the workshop (up to 30 minutes) at no additional fee. ($300 value)
  5. The Boudoir Business Development Guide (pdf ) included in your workshop fee
  6. Learn the psychology of how to connect, communicate and direct your clients during the shoot from a clinical psychologist
  7. Learn lighting, posing and story telling with your images from a PPA award winning and Master Photographer.
  8. Learn what it means to shoot with heart and compassion that will feed your soul
  9. We will teach you that developing a service based business you will need to GIVE of yourself in order to GET the rewards you seek
  10. We will only take 10 students per workshop
  11. Work with and photograph real women as models that you can use in your portfolio
  12. Private member-only Facebook group of like-minded photographers

What you will learn:

  1. One business style DOES NOT fit all
  2. What is your “Why” as an artist
  3. Developing your Business and Brand Strategy from your “Why”
  4. Realistic Goal Setting and Accountability
  5. Identifying your Gaps in Knowledge and Skill Set
  6. What are your Strengths as a Entrepreneur
  7. What is your Style of Photography
  8. The Business of Boudoir
    1. Who is your market
    2. How to Market to Them
    3. Generating Leads
    4. Turning Leads into Booked Clients
    5. The In-person Consultation
    6. The 3-words describing the Shoot
    7. Developing your Product Line  and Price Menu
    8. What is Shooting for the Sale
    9. Shooting for Wall Art
    10. Shooting for the High-End Album
    11. Getting Them to Visualize Their Purchase
    12. The Psychology of Selling
  1. How to Make Your Client Feel at Ease
  2. How to Greet Them When They Arrive
  3. The Importance of Hair and Makeup
  4. What to Talk About During the Shoot
  5. Shoot Atmosphere
  6. What Should you Have in your Shooting Space
  7. How to Get Natural Expression
  8. How Much Lighting Equipment Do You Need to Get Started
  9. Understanding the best lighting tell your Client’s story
  10. Mood Boards and Inspiration Sheets
  11. Backdrops, Props and Wardrobe
  12. Set Designs
  13. Posing for ALL Body Types
  14. How to Direct your Client into Position Without Touching Them
  15. The Importance of Showing Your Clients Their Images Same Day
  1. Work with Real Women as Models
  2. Learn How You Can Communicate with Them to Tell Their Story
  3. Each Model will have 2 Different Outfits
  4. Model Releases will be Given to Each Workshop Participant
  5. We will Have Small Groups Photographing Each Model so Everyone will get One-on-One with the Models
  6. You will have Two Instructors Guiding You Through the Process
  7. We will have Two half -Days of Shooting
  8. Each Shooting Day will have a half-Day of Image Critique and Post Processing Instruction
  9. Learn What to Pay Attention to and How to Edit for High End Clients